Courtyard house // MVA / Mikelić Vreš Arhitekti

Zagreb, Croatia

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Text description provided by the architects.

The house for a family of five, located in the attractive residential part of the city of Zagreb, is designed as a hybrid between a patio house and an archetypal volume. The introverted ground floor encompasses living spaces, fluidly organized around a series of service blocks and oriented to their own microcosm of a south courtyard with swimming pool.

The entire level is ‘wrapped’ by a massive perimeter textured brick wall. Following the natural decline of the terrain, the spaces are cascading, from the lowest – the entrance to the highest – the living room. Terraces in the courtyard follow the interior levels. The copper volume of the first floor covers the entrance and extends far to the east capturing a view of the city.

Bedroom modules are linearly organized and accompanied by a 20m long wardrobe. Children’s rooms are mini lofts with a gallery for sleeping (or playing – depending on the user) accessible by zig-zag wardrobe-stairs. Along the vertical communication and spatially connected to the entrance, a multipurpose space serves as a library, study and children’s living room.

On the underground level, beside technical rooms, fitness and sauna areas are located and oriented to a small hollowed-out patio. Through the patio and the glazed wall of the pool, the sauna offers an underground view of the water in the pool and the sky.

Credits — Design team: Marin Mikelić, Tomislav Vreš, Marija Barović; Collaborators: Viktor Vdović, Mirta Rusan, Petra Matić

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