Young Architect Guide: How To Draw Like An Architect

Eric Reinholdt Eric Reinholdt

The One Drawing Challenge is now part of the upcoming Architizer Vision Awards, honoring the best architectural photography, film, visualizations, drawings, models and the talented creators behind them. Learn more and register >

Enter the One Drawing Competition

Are you interested in improving your architectural drawing technique? In the above video, the Founder of 30X40 Design Workshop and new One Drawing Challenge Juror Eric Reinholdt walks you through a detail sketch and a basic section sketch. He then transitions into a few of his CAD working drawings to illustrate how a simple toolset can produce a range of drawings. Learn the importance of line weight, receive pen recommendations and more.

Take what you learn from the video and apply it to architecture’s biggest drawing competition!

Eric Reinholdt is an architect, founder of the residential architecture practice, 30X40 Design Workshop, author of Architect + Entrepreneur, innovator of progressive practice models, and the creator of the eponymous YouTube channel, 30X40 Design Workshop. From his remote island studio, Eric makes videos about architecture, designs simple, modern homes, and shares his process online. 

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