Xiaoshan Science and Technology City Venture Valley // The Architectural Design & Research Institute of Zhejiang University Co., Ltd.

Hangzhou, China

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Text description provided by the architects.

The site mainly has functional spaces for scientific research, entrepreneurial services, and supporting commercial activities, etc. As the project was constructed in the early days of Xiaoshan Innovation Polis, the client urgently hoped to inject vitality into its development. Therefore, the client had extremely high expectations for the theme, image and iconicity of the project.

In such context, forming an architectural landmark under the restriction of the 80m height limit became the main design challenge to be solved. The design adopts a concept of the “Cube”, which signifies the infinite possibilities of entrepreneurship and scientific research. Staggered cubic blocks, combined with lighting effects at night, forming an all-weather architectural image with a sense of technology and future at the side of the Hangzhou-Ningbo Expressway.

The facade of the tower building takes cues from the “9×9 grid” and draws on the traditional handmade “lacework” products of Xiaoshan District to decorate, creating a unique texture and embodying the inheritance of local culture appropriately. The architectural design also adheres to the design theme of “cube”. The commercial spaces of podium building consist of several “cubes”, and the gaps between “cubes” turn into entrances and exits facing the urban roads.

The layout positively responds to the traditional structure of streets and alleys. Staggered volumes naturally form rooftop terraces, patios and atriums, etc. between the upper and lower podium buildings, greatly improving user environment and spatial experience. The workspace of the tower building learns from the traditional Hui-style architecture that features an open-air courtyard enclosed by rooms on four sides, enjoying a full-height atrium with the height of 80m inside the building.

The curtain wall of podium building uses glass and colorful aluminum panels, and demonstrates a strong sense of technology and rhythm through the alteration of several colors.

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