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Punchbowl Mosque // Candalepas Associates

Punchbowl, Australia

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The construction of the Mosque represents the completion of Stage 1 of a masterplan to establish a new home for the Australian Islamic Mission and provide a complex of buildings to facilitate learning and religious worship for local community members that follow the Muslim faith.
The sculptural off-form concrete raking ceiling to the Mosque main prayer space references ornamental vaulting of ‘muqarnas’ in traditional Islamic architecture.

© Candalepas Associates

© Candalepas Associates

Shafts of daylight are drawn into the main prayer space through the ‘muqarnas’, illuminating the space as the sun moves around from dawn prayer through to the sunset and final evening prayers.
Female worship galleries extend out above the main prayer space into the heart of the Mosque, with timber screens providing a visual break between female worshippers and male worshippers below.

© Candalepas Associates

© Candalepas Associates

A profiled concrete ring beam provides a transition between the Mosque main prayer space and timber lined dome above.

A splayed off-form concrete wall springs from the Mosque entry doors, breaking the orthogonal geometry of the main prayer space floor plan and orientating worshippers towards Mecca.

The design creates a centre for religious teaching and community activities to meet an existing and rapidly expanding community based congregation, now and into the future.

© Candalepas Associates

© Candalepas Associates

Credits: Evan Pearson Candalepas Associates, Jeremy Loblay Candalepas Associates, Clancy Mears Candalepas Associates, Christian Natterodt Candalepas Associates, Claudia Takada Candalepas Associates, Rachel Yabsley Candalepas Associates, Andrew Scott Candalepas Associates, Rory Gardiner , David Tordoff Candalepas Associates, Alex Dircks Candalepas Associates, Adrian Curtin Candalepas Associates, David Butler Candalepas Associates, Brett Boardman , Angelo Candalepas Candalepas Associates, Nichole Darke Candalepas Associates, Ivan Jeldrez Candalepas Associates

– Candalepas Associates – Early Stages & Documentation – Architectural Team – Nichole Darke
– Candalepas Associates – Principal – Evan Pearson
– Phtographer – Rory Gardiner
– Candalepas Associates – Early Stages & Documentation – Architectural Team – Christian Natterodt
– Candalepas Associates – Early Stages & Documentation – Architectural Team – Andrew Scott

– Candalepas Associates – Director – Angelo Candalepas
– Candalepas Associates – Early Stages & Documentation – Architectural Team – Alex Dircks
– Candalepas Associates – Architectural Team – Ivan Jeldrez
– Photographer – Brett Boardman
– Candalepas Associates – Senior Associate – Adrian Curtin
– Candalepas Associates – Architectural Team – Jeremy Loblay

– Candalepas Associates – Architectural Team – Claudia Takada
– Candalepas Associates – Architectural Team – David Butler
– Candalepas Associates – Early Stages & Documentation – Architectural Team – Clancy Mears
– Candalepas Associates – Early Stages & Documentation- Architectural Team – David Tordoff
– Candalepas Associates – Architectural Team – Rachel Yabsley.

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