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Tehran, Iran

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Text description provided by the architects.

Looking for the meaning of the phrase “form follows function” We find that” All things in nature have a shape”. The statement refers to the idea that what the viewer understands from the project form and what happens in the plan are not necessarily the same. But Achieving a combination of these two factors leads to proportions in which form and function become one and have a unified nature.

Beginning “from within outward,” was a concept that was used to express this phrase in the project. In this project, an attempt was made to form as a reflection of performance, and function as a source of inspiration for the formation of the appropriate form to the context of the project Which was desirable for its users.

Due to the location of the project on the ground with a 15% slope and the cold and mountainous climate of Damavand, preventing energy loss by subsidence in the ground and maximum use of solar energy was very important.

Based on these two factors, the pool and related spaces, as well as part of the ground floor, sit inside the ground so that in addition to creating climatic comfort, it is not visible to the hills in front of the site. In the second level of the project, terraces were formed with volume retreat from both sides According to the orientation of the building in the southeast direction, the most pleasant lighting for each space is provided.

In this villa, which belongs to a large family, the definition of private and public zones was important from the beginning of the design process to provide appropriate spaces for minimum and maximum users. However, there were limitations in terms of reducing construction costs and the presence of trees within the site to reduce the level of infrastructure.

The design process was done with a diagram based on the separation of public and private zones, with one bedroom on the ground floor and three bedrooms on the first floor as a private zone and a public living space with a high ceiling in front of it.

But after the initial presentation to the client, we realized that he intends to add an extra space to the building on the third level in the future to act as a private living room and have a wide view of the area. Therefore, we tried to prevent the probable intervention after the completion of the project and the addition of a floor to the building by creating the space he wants in the second level.

So everything he needed to provide a private space with higher quality than other spaces was created with a slight height difference from the second level.

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