Matosinhos, Portugal

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Text description provided by the architects.

Design: Alberto Dias Ribeiro
Photography: © AL.MA
Location: Exponor, Matosinhos, Portugal
Construction: Materfut, S.A.
This project was developed for the Work in Progress’12 contest, for selecting the best proposals for experimental exhibition modules at the architecture and design event Projecto Casa’12.

The main intent was to explore the thermo-formable property of Corian ©.



The piece was not intended to be narrative in its intended function, but rather serve as a creative basis to allow the observer to be more interested in the plastic potential of the material.

Such as a Duchamp readymade, if we remove the functional significance, one gains a certain plastic essence piece completely autonomous that tends to assert itself.



The aim was not just to give the answer, but prompt the viewer to ask the question!
This project won the Work in Progress Award, promoted by the national architects organization in Portugal..



5-OC.STRIPES Gallery

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