Apps for Architects: Introducing Ava, the First Super Doc for Designers

This super-efficient app allows designers to beautifully present, share and critique their projects all in one platform.

Sydney Franklin Sydney Franklin

Architecture and design used to be a profession in which everyone worked with their hands. From sketching to plotting, planning and presentation, it was a physical as well as intellectual pursuit. Technology has now transformed the way we work, for better and for worse. Countless hours are spent sitting at desk and staring at a computer instead of standing up and drawing. But the digital age has also allowed architecture to reach new heights in design and construction.

Morpholio, a tech company that creates suites of apps for designers to easily present, share and critique their work on a single platform, believes the industry can regain its tactile creative processes. Their latest product, Ava — short for Automated Visual Assembly — is the world’s first patent-pending transforming super doc for designers. Ava streamlines workflow and offers consistency across the multiple formats used in the design process.

Conceived primarily for the interiors industry, Ava consolidates the moodboard for the client, cut sheets and specs for the drawing set as well as product lists for purchasing all into one location. The sleek interface and seamless navigation process make it easy for designs to present to clients or share ideas with colleagues.

“Interior design thrives on texture, color, collage and storytelling,” said Morpholio Co-Creator Anna Kenoff in a statement. “These days our boards are filled more and more with inspiration images from Pinterest in addition to swatches and samples. What lies ahead for designers are tools like Ava that make it easy and pleasurable to move between the real and the digital.”

Ava’s efficient system is not just for interior designers. Professionals in all visual cultures, from architecture and branding to marketing and graphics, can use Ava to access all their project information, inspiration and sources easily at their fingertips.

Ava works with four new super tools in Board Pro, Morpholio’s design and moodboard app. The Pinterest Portal allows designers to instantly pull images directly from Pinterest.

Adobe’s Creative SDK image editing component is also integrated into Board along with the Sent to Desktop API which allows users to send an image file to the desktop version of Adobe Photoshop CC.

Board also now includes smart layer controls and fully customizable guides to make designing projects quick and simple.

Users can build their own Board Library as well with access to products from major designers including Knoll, Herman Miller, Curated Kravet and more. The gallery is also a marketplace to discover the latest talent in the industry such as Uhuru, Volk, Porcelonosa, Token, Newell and Dyson.

With all the tools it offers, Ava — along with Morpholio’s other applications — is a powerful piece of smart software that should help bring back the tangible nature of the creative process. Products like these move the industry toward a more enjoyable, hands-on way of designing.

Images via Morpholio and contain work by AD Aesthetic, Antina Steenstra, Heather Peterson Design, Juju Papers, Unike Rum, Mink Homes, Monica Manaigre, Pattern Curator, Two Parts Lighting, Uhuru, Ishka Designs, AE Superlab, Eskayel, Pentagram, Fawn Galli Interior Design