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Digital Architecture for a Digital Age

Computational design is changing the way we build.

Diandra Cohen Diandra Cohen

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As technology continues to expand the possibilities of architectural design, so, too, does it yield new materials, structural and otherwise. At almost every scale, robotics, high-definition printing, and smart LEDs are being blended with materials like aluminum, mosaic tiles and paper to revolutionize the way that we experience the built environment.

This proposal for the Guggenheim Helsinki Competition, by Studio Dror, harnesses computational design as the core premise of the building.

The following collection includes a plethora of architectural products — from individual wall panels to entire building façades — that showcase how computational design, robotics, printing and advanced lighting can be utilized to both manufacture and illuminate surfaces. The future of computational technology is leading to a place where digital imagery is the very mode of communication within an architectural envelope — and the driving force behind its design.

© Bortolotto Design Architect Inc.

© Bortolotto Design Architect Inc.

© Bortolotto Design Architect Inc.

© Bortolotto Design Architect Inc.

Rosalie Sharp Pavilion by Bortolotto Design Architect, Inc.

Bortolotto has just unveiled a proposal to add an interactive façade to an existing office building at the Ontario College of Art and Design. The water-jet-cut aluminum panels are perforated with an informational, non-repeating pattern that is based on the street topography of the city.

© Alan S. Maltz

© Alan S. Maltz

© Alan S. Maltz

© Alan S. Maltz

28 Series Frame by Image Wizards

You can’t get more high-def than Image Wizards‘ digitally printed aluminum panels. The company boasts that their clients Google, Facebook and Lockheed-Martin rave about the scratch-resistant material, which not only provides brilliant image quality, but also withstands the test of time.

IMAGIC Weave by WS Tyler

LED lighting is the medium by which IMAGIC Weave fuses together the latest technology in intelligent façade systems by using HAVER woven wire mesh from Traxon Technologies, an Osram business, providing sustainable lighting and creating unforgettable experiences throughout the world, from buildings, stadiums, and skyscrapers to shopping malls and airports.

Handscreen Wallpaper Geometric by Flavor Paper

At the core of Flavor Paper‘s wallpapers is its digitally produced prints that not only push the limits of image fidelity in wallpaper technology, but also incorporate toxin-free inks and the time-honored notion of craft.

The Naturally Refined Mosaic Collection by Artaic

Artaic’s Naturally Refined Mosaic Collection utilizes robotic precision manufacturing and computer-aided design systems to produce large-scale and high-volume mosaics with “unparalleled speed, ease, flexibility, and cost.”

Glow Wall System by Evans + Paul

Evans and Paul does more than create your everyday bathroom accessories! Their Glow Wall System panels can be etched with customizable patterns and exhibit high-res graphics, colors, and LED lights to motion graphics and videos.

Mediamesh® by GKD-USA

This stainless steel mesh is ideal for large-scale commercial applications: not only can it cover up to four times the area of traditional billboards, Mediamesh® uses upward of 80% less power while allowing roughly 60% transparency for daylighting and ventilation.

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