Designing for Work, Retail, and Learning: There’s a Master’s Program for That

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In order to grapple with the new complexities that have emerged in the dynamics of the workplace, retail, and learning environments, IE School of Architecture & Design has launched a new program with the capacity to stimulate innovation through creative design.

The Master in Design for Work, Retail and Learning Environments program upends the traditional negotiation of space within these three environments that have come to define everyday life. Delving into the changing spatial dynamics of our work, retail, and living environments, this progressive post-professional program instills the knowledge and skills needed to face the dramatic transformations of these contemporary fields.

The program seeks to provide a unique understanding of the relationships between strategy-space design and performance objectives, and it comes at a time when organizations are radically rethinking how they will function in the future due to profound changes in technology, economics, and culture.

The blended curriculum combines online and onsite periods, offering students the opportunity to study while continuing professional pursuits throughout the 13-month program. Both in Madrid and London where the program aligns itself with the wealth of research available at the Helen Hamlyn Centre for Design at the Royal College of Arts in London.

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