Faucets With Finesse: 7 Contemporary Faucets

Lindsey May Lindsey May

On the one hand quotidian and functional, faucets can also be imbued with design intent and imagination. As demonstrated by the sophisticated styles in this collection, their functional purposes and archetypal forms provide a launching point for the contemporary imagination. The intimate and domestic scale of the faucet allows for subtle design details with big impacts. The designs featured here show a finesse and attention to beauty that elevate these fixtures.

May this collection turn you onto new possibilities for faucet design.

MEM by Dornbracht

These rose-gold faucets are animated by their unique hue. The thin rectangular profile of the fixture delivers a contemporary shape to a classic faucet shape.

Colonna Faucet by Aquatica Plumbing Group

This faucet emulates a bent pipe, but its unique bend and angle add a sophistication to the basic form.

Dequeby Dornbracht

Rethinking the faucet’s orientation, the design of this faucet focuses on horizontality. As a result, the faucet’s water flow is horizontal and planar.

Axor Massaudby Hansgrohe

This horizontal fixture delivers a stream of planar water and creates additional surface area for storage and display. The fixture itself turns into a small shelf-like area.

Axor Bouroullecby Hansgrohe

This faucet is embedded into a shelf that floats above a basin below. The water flows directly out of the underside of the shelf and is otherwise disguised within the shelf.

PuraVida by Hansgrohe

Ceramic white and shining chrome are a classic bathroom material duo. However, the hardware and shape of this faucet bring the two materials together in a unique faucet form.

IMOby Dornbracht

This faucet uses a rectangular profile to imbue it with a contemporary tone. The brushed-steel faucet can be used with different handle hardware to create a compact fixture or a faucet with independent water handles.

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