Color-Changing Film Is Upping the Ante for Dynamic Walls

Sheila Kim Sheila Kim

Digital media walls may be great for programming an ever-changing display within a space, but they can also be costly energy guzzlers. Now two manufacturers have teamed up to offer an intriguing alternative. Called Viva, the new wall treatment brings together 3form’s dimensional, modular wall systems and E Ink’s color-changing film technology.

3form’s Viva using E Ink Prism

Most of you are already familiar with 3form’s Wovin Wall, an easy-to-install modular system made up of interlocking units, and Profile, which comes in either modular tiles or larger textured panels. With E Ink Prism film applied, these already dimensional systems can further captivate passersby with colors, patterns or even graphics that change and create the illusion of movement despite the wall coverings remaining static.

E Ink Prism

The film component, E Ink Prism, utilizes a small amount of power to activate bi-stable ink that shifts between two equilibrium states. (Think switchable and electrochromic glass technology in which the electrical charge aligns liquid crystals to change opacity or tint.) What’s more, E Ink Prism visually resembles paint as opposed to an applied film on a variety of architectural surfaces and elements since it uses pigments from the printing industry.

The programmable, dynamic walls can function as way-finding devices, signage, occupancy indicators, event-specific displays or simply as focal walls for creating visual interest.