Grecian Getaway: Olive Tree House is a Celebration of Light and Shadow

This stunning summer home features a textured façade which filters shapely light and shadows into the structure.

Sydney Franklin Sydney Franklin

London and Greece-based studio Eva Sopeoglou Architecture has created a simple and stunning private residence in Halkidiki, Greece overlooking the monasteries of Mount Athos. Summer House — also called The Olive Tree House — is a 21-square-meter prefabricated construction set on an olive grove hill and designed to complement its natural surroundings.

Wrapped in a perforated, olive green metallic envelope, the tiny house’s exterior features a textile-like pattern with punctuated leaf-shaped holes that bring a unique texture of light into the structure.

The house’s rectangular plan is perfectly aligned to the four cardinal points and designed to maximize shading and views of the landscape. As the sun moves throughout the day, the interior is filled with changing shadows.

The house is sub-divided into smaller rooms including a bedroom, kitchen and a thin corridor that connects these spaces. Full-height metal doors slide and open up to the landscape, allowing the client to enjoy the sea air and the benefits of semi-indoor and outdoor living. Natural ventilation flows throughout the indoor spaces via a sloped roof, which further provides protection from winds and thermal phenomena.

According to the architect, the building’s orientation allows each room to have its own character thanks to the quality and intensity of its shadows. “The east sends colorful shadows in the morning while the southern direct sun in the midday dissolves the metallic cladding, creating a dramatic light effect in the main space.”

Summer House in Halkidiki, Greece won the Popular Vote in the Architecture+Light category at the 2017 A+Awards.

Images by Eva Sopeoglou, Mariana Bisti, Elias Sopeoglou, METALSO