Demi Lang’s Stunning Sketches Highlight the Beauty of Traditional Architecture

The self-taught artist seeks to share her excitement for architectural details with the world.

Nathan Bahadursingh Nathan Bahadursingh

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Demi Lang is a UK-based artist who specializes in creating incredibly detailed architectural drawings. Her work finely depicts both local and international architecture, magnifying some of the world’s most timeless places. With over 15 years of experience, the self-taught artist works in a variety of mediums, including India ink pen, pencil and watercolors on paper to produce her breathtaking illustrations.

Demi Lang

Parisian Turrets by Demi Lang; image via My Modern Met

Constantly searching for new places to sketch, Lang has a passion for architecture and beautiful character buildings. “I am in awe of the architects and craftsmen who make these buildings and I’m interested in the history behind them,” she tells My Modern Met. “When you stop and look closely, there is so much to see.” 

Lang’s process includes traveling and exploring the cities that she visits. By also studying reference photographs, she’s able to carefully inform her decision of which buildings or environments to draw. A lot of her work depicts illustrations of her native UK’s built environment, including drawings of St. Paul’s Cathedral, the Brighton Pavilion and the London skyline.

St. Pauls, London by Demi Lang; image via My Modern Met

Her portfolio also includes beautiful international structures, such as the Blue Mosque in Istanbul, Turkey and the United States Capitol Building in Washington D.C. According to My Modern Met, Lang is  “particularly attracted to how light falls on the buildings and creates magnificent highlights and shadows. She aims to capture architecture when it’s bathed in sunlight.”

Demi Lang’s popularity can be clearly gauged through her Instagram page. Here, Lang showcases just about every step of her creative process, including documentation of her travels, her desired utensils and, most of all, her work in progress. Through videos and close-up images of her work, every fine detail of her drawings can be observed and understood. 

Lang is very open about her creative process, often having an open dialogue with her followers who are eager to learn more. She hopes that her work will get people to appreciate and find excitement in the details of architecture and the built environment. “My intention is to bring my subject to life on the paper and I hope the viewer experiences this and can appreciate the wonderful architectural details in a realistic and likable form,” says the artist. “I also try to make more ordinary buildings become more interesting for the viewer by using light, shadow, and details.”

Demi Lang sells her original drawings and prints through her website and Etsy. She also has an Amazon storefront where she lists all of her recommended materials. 

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