The 10 Most Dazzling and Magnificent Creations of Burning Man 2019

This year’s Burning Man festival saw a diverse array of engaging, temporary structures.

Nathan Bahadursingh Nathan Bahadursingh

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Under the theme of “Metamorphosis”, this year’s Burning Man festival witnessed a slew of captivating structures displaying ingenious, temporary design and construction. The diverse array of sculptures, installations, and pavilions came together, forming a circus of distinctive ideas and experiences that painted the sandy planes of Black Rock City.

Upon its conclusion, it is only right that we showcase some of the event’s most jaw dropping creations. Below is a selection of these monuments and modern day relics, featured across Instagram, that may just inspire you to make the desert bound pilgrimage.

Temple of Direction by Geordie van der Bosch

This large wooden pavilion is influenced by Japanese torii gates that are often located at the entrances of shrines. It features four gates facing the festival’s entry points; a fitting entryway into the festival.

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Stone 27 by Benjamin Langholz

An assemblage of magically floating rocks, this more minimalist installation features 27 elevated stones that form a circular, climbing frame fashioned around a central pillar. They can be traversed up and down, though maintaining one’s balance may prove challenging!

Mariposita by Chris Carnabuci

Mariposita, or as it translates, “little butterfly”, presents a large, female figure emerging from a curved wooden shell that closely resembles the shape of a hatched egg.

Grand Pyramid by PlayAlchemist

Inspired by the Great Pyramid of Giza, the 71-foot high Grand Pyramid served as a gathering place, sanctuary, and retreat. At night it glimmered with violet lights and spectacular visuals demarcating it as an event space.

#Slonik by Michael Tsaturyan

This giant, neon-green inflatable elephant stands out within the surrounding desert landscape. Sitting on its rear with its trunk piercing the sky, the monument is meant to draw people’s attention towards the issue of elephant abuse in Africa and Asia.

The Folly by Dave Keane and the Folly Builders

A treehouse without a tree; this large structure comprises a clock tower and pitched dwellings that combine together to form a hub of entertainment clad with viewing decks and terraces.

Sacred Grounds by Michael Benisty

This shiny, reflective sculpture features an amalgam of a woman and a tree with a trunk and sprawling branches that seamlessly extend from the body of the lady. It is amongst a number of gleaming pieces populating Black Rock City this year.

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ILY by Dan Mountain

ILY is an accumulation of recycled and repurposed scrap metal that forms an eight-meter-high forearm. Dan Mountain integrated gears and mechanisms into the structure, allowing individuals to raise and lower the fingers.

Mutant Vehicles at Burning Man

Not every Burning Man creation has to be static. Some provided flashy passage throughout the festival, such as these constructed mutant vehicles that display vivid theatrics and characters.

The Man by David Best

This timber Burning Man figure was the centerpiece of the city; a piece that was formerly designed by Burning Man founder Larry Harvey each year. It was subsequently set ablaze at the conclusion of the festival.

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