Architecture on the Market: An Architectural Masterpiece Recalls the Industrial Past of a Remote Swedish Island

The studio is wrapped in an entirely uninterrupted façade of Corten steel panels, recalling the weathered industrial skeletons strewn about the island.

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In the middle of the Baltic Sea, hinging off of Sweden’s eastern island of Gotland, is Furillen. The former military radar site and limestone quarry has since abandoned its industrial past and has returned to nature. This curious and remote landscape, a merging of vegetation and industrial ruins, is home to an architectural jewel called Studio Furillen — a hub for vibrant activity that rises from the stark landscape. The studio, which was originally created in close collaboration with client Michael Blomquist and inspired by trips to California and Japan, is currently for sale.

Studio Furillen was conceived and built in 2010 by Swedish architect Andreas Forsberg. The rectangular volume is a mixed-use building, comprising studio and gallery spaces, photography and film studios, a library, a kitchen, a sauna and four bedrooms. The studio is wrapped in an entirely uninterrupted façade of Corten steel panels, recalling the weathered industrial skeletons strewn about the island.

“Studio Furillen tries to both preserve the strong feeling and character to be found on Furillen and at the same time create something completely new,” said Forsberg of the project. While the building at once presents as a closed and fixed structure, a range of hydraulic and mechanical terraces are incorporated into the façade, which can be lowered and raised, revealing an interior façade of glazed panels.

As one moves through the structure, the true dimensions of Studio Furillen’s spatial arrangements begin to unfold. The project sinks into a subterranean space, visible through an open courtyard through the building’s core. The courtyard is lined with a structure of glass and steel, rendering all spaces in the studio visible.

The interior of the home maintains the industrial quality of the structure but is softened by accents of deep timber paneling, most notably in the wooden sauna and kitchen.

The mechanical façade system allows for a range of levels of natural light to flood the space, alongside the glass atrium and a series of roof skylights. “The studio aims to offer a feeling of seclusion while also providing scope for meetings and creative activities,” Forsberg remarked of the space. Aspiring to be “distinct, strong character and discreet, unobtrusive,” this remote yet dynamic project calls for much to be discovered.

Studio Furillen is currently on the market for $3,732,000. More information on the studio and its sale details can be found on Brick & Wonder.

All images courtesy Brick & Wonder and Studio Furillen

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