The Most Delicious Designs From Architizer’s Gingerbread Competition!

Architizer Editors Architizer Editors

Here at Architizer we love celebrating winners (A+ Awards, anybody?). That’s why a few weeks ago we launched our first-ever Gingerbread Competition, and boy was it a sweet moment. (See what we did there?) We tasked our readers to create a work of edible architecture, whether it be a re-interpretation of an iconic building or their own unique design.

Well, the deadline has come and gone, and after sifting through countless entries, the Architizer staff has picked a winner! With architects and design enthusiasts submitting everything from candy tree structures to sushi tea houses, believe us, it was not easy. And so, ladies and gentlemen, drumroll please: Winning our admiration (and a brand new iPad Mini!) is Team Jacussi for their cookie construction of Oscar Niemeyer’s famed National Congress of Brazil. The edible edifice was not only meticulously assembled, but also serves as an entirely functional candy dish. Plus, it pays tribute to the legendary architect, who passed away this month.

While there may be only one grand prize winner, we were so impressed with the quality of the entries that we couldn’t keep them from our readers. We rounded up five additional favorites, including pueblo homes and hedonistic museums, to present for a tasty Tuesday treat.

White Christmas in Brasilia

Description: The design is a tribute to architect Oscar Niemeyer. We hope that one day we’ll be able to spend our holiday in Brasilia to admire his work.

Team: Jacussi

Team members: Jacob Sjoblom & Susanne Berggren

The Gingerbread Glass House

Description: What could be sweeter than The Glass House’s iconic glass + steel structure rendered in sugar + gingerbread?!

Team: Baked for The Glass House by Sweet Lisa’s Exquisite Cakes.

Gingerbread Taos Pueblo

Description: Taos Pueblo is the oldest continually inhabited building in America. The UNESCO protected, 4-story adobe “condominium” is 1000 years old. Gingerbread Taos Pueblo is made of homemade gluten-free gingerbread, Hershey’s chocolate bars, pretzels, butter cream frosting and powdered sugar!

Team: Studio Taos, Taos, New Mexico

Team members: J. Matthew Thomas, Richard Spera

Museum of Hedonism – MoH – informally, ‘The Gingerbread House’

Description: Our ginger spiced museum is an organic, sultry, curvy, lazy, seductive, shell-like, wavy, sculptural form- with a texture of flat, rectangular, cookie-cut elements.

Team: Hedonismbot (the decadent robot from Futurama)

Team members: Mihaela Mitrovic, Luka Katic


Description: The “Snopbur”, named after “snop” (norwegian for sweets) and “stabbur” (historical storage shed): minimalistic, yet full of sweet secrets!


Team members: Cecilie Austerå, Ingrid Lavik, Kristian Kistorp, Janeche Bull Borander, and Marco Schön

Sketchup House

Description: Classic house, displaced in Sketchup. Polygons printed to templates. Entirely edible (eaten), incl. structure. Glass cast from melted mints.

Team: Liftin

Team members: Eric Liftin, Silver Liftin, Asher Liftin