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Architizer is excited to announce the launch of Mistakes Well Made, a Live Series that poses a distinct challenge for guests: Tell us about a mistake you made or a challenge you faced early in your career, and how lessons learned from that moment helped make you who you are today.

The series will highlight best practices pertaining to professional development and career progression through the lens of personal journeys in architecture. Get ready for some seriously honest, authentic stories about the many arduous aspects of navigating the profession of architecture, through the eyes of those who survived and grew through it all.

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In Episode 1, Architizer’s Content Director and Live Series Host Paul Keskeys welcomes Michael Riscica, founder of Young Architect and creator of the Young Architect Summer Series. Mike will discuss his early frustrations with the architectural industry, and how those challenges led him to forge his own path as a mentor and cheerleader for thousands of emerging professionals.

During what promises to be a refreshingly honest and personal talk about the path to becoming an architect, we’ll learn about:

  • Mike’s early challenges in school, before stumbling on architecture as a potential career.
  • Hurdles Mike faced due to a lack of support and structure in architectural education and training.
  • The difficulties Mike navigated in becoming an architect — and how a change in approach changed everything.
  • How Mike turned those struggles into an opportunity, and became the mentor to help others become better architects.
  • How you can apply these lessons to help you navigate architecture school, the A.R.E. exams and the architectural profession as a whole.

Mistakes Well Made aims to break away from those dry, boring “webinars” you’re so used to in architecture, instead presenting a fun, informal and candid chat about personal journeys in the profession. The stories told during these discussions should remind us all how — if we learn and grow through them — our biggest mistakes can turn into our greatest assets.

Join us for the inaugural talk in the series, and watch out for upcoming episodes, coming soon!

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