Fabriken Furillen Hotel Offers A Remote Getaway In An Abandoned Swedish Factory

Molly Cotter Molly Cotter

The Fabriken Furillen Hotel is a combination of two of our favorite things: unique renovations and remote getaways. Built from the remains of an abandoned limestone quarry, this 16-room boutique hotel embodies the rustic beauty of Sweden by offering clean and simple design, local cuisine, and panoramic views of the ocean year round.

Located on the remote island of Gotland off the northeast coast of Sweden, the Fabriken Furillen Hotel is reachable only by boat or plane followed by a 28-mile drive to the medieval town of Visby. The hotel’s interior is typical of Swedish design, with white and gray painted walls and light wood and metal furniture and accents.

The hotel’s restaurant is crafted from the old factory worker’s canteen and serves delicious local cuisine. Some dishes are even sourced from the hotel’s own farm.

In addition to basking in the unrivaled seaside views, visitors can embark on their own truffle hunts around the hotel grounds, as the extremely private location is perfect for collecting the delicious delicacy.

Images: courtesy of Johan Hellström