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Announcing the Release of SOILED No. 3: Platescrapers!

Kelly Chan Kelly Chan

Architecture periodical SOILED has recently come out with its third installment, and the endearingly named Platescrapers issue is one that speaks dearly to our hearts. Platescrapers explores the intersection between food and architecture, speaking to the crowd that struggles over whether to snag the latest issue of CLOG or Lucky Peach (I know I’m not the only one!). Chart the journey of a free-wheelin’ yogurt pedaler, discover what a 1992 episode of Sesame Street can teach us about food and politics, envision caravans made of loaves of bread, and contemplate Adolf Loos’ declaration of “I only eat roast beef” with cheeky illustrations of architectural plating puns. For those of us who believe that food can be an extension of physical place, pick up a copy of Platescrapers or download the PDF for free here. Bon appetite!