An Exhibition in a Los Angeles Phone Booth

Matt Shaw Matt Shaw

Gallery Attachment” and “As Builts” by Andrew Kovacs and Laurel Broughton is a two-part exhibition in Los Angeles that takes place at the infamous Jai & Jai gallery and the parking lot across the street. The two projects are a collaboration between its protagonists, comprising three parts. An architectural installation, an exhibition of drawings, and a series of zines all explore the ways in which we produce new architecture from the everyday objects around us.

The installation, “Gallery Attachment,” is “constructed out of the debris and discarded elements of the contemporary physical and cultural environment.” By composing these found objects from Craigslist and other places where goods are cast off for cheap, it invigorates the potential of the seemingly banal objects as architecture. These objects include a phone booth and a children’s play cabin. The parts are attached to each other with different materials, including tape and screws. The parking lot itself becomes one of the objects that invites users in to experience the objects as a whole.

Across the street is “As Builts” at Jai & Jai Gallery, a complementary show of drawings of each of the individual parts of the sculptural installation across the way. Where “Gallery Attachment” is a one-to-one construction exploration, “As Builts” is a show of drawings and models. Each confronts the everyday object as something to be mined for its potential, albeit in different ways. In the installation, parts remain 1:1, while in drawings — even very literal drawings — the object is transposed into something new.

The third part of the show is a zine that explores different typologies around LA, including galleries, guard shacks, architecture, and details. It is a third medium for exploring the cultural and physical everydayness of our world. “Gallery Attachments” and “As Builts” are funded as part of Storefront for Art and Architecture’s World Wide Storefront. Additional funding comes from the LA Forum for Architecture and Urban Design.