Watch: An Interactive 3D Orchestra Is Everything You Wished Dance Dance Revolution Was and More

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Step right up toPicarøøn Interactive‘s Tangible Orchestra, debuted recently in a central Edinburgh parking garage by artists Rebecca Gischel & Sebastian Walter. The installation plays music as people gain proximity to cylindrical sensors, and instead of listening to an orchestra performing for you, the viewer dances (or tip toes) through different pillars. In effect, each visitor collaborates to compose an utterly unique orchestral piece.

Old and new commingle in the juxtaposition of hi-tech cylinders that spill outside among the surrounding Gothic architecture. The foundation music, composed by Theresa Zaremba, remixes modern techno dub beats with a repertoire of classical notes. Arduino supplied the hardware and software for the design: 112 ultrasonic sensors –16 on the inside of each cylinder – control the installation with 7 microchips. 132 LEDS blink with the rhythm; 14 speakers and 200 other internal parts (most of which are 3D printed) connect pieces custom made for the project. Watch viewers interact with the installation below:

The idea for this 3D experience is that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. Composers and sound designers collaborated to bring together music, technology, and design with relative strangers who each partake in one element of the orchestra and make an ephemeral public art piece.

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