Europe’s Longest Pedestrian Bridge Beautifully Illuminates Sweden’s Sölvesborg Bay

James Bartolacci James Bartolacci

In Sweden, a series of undulating arches, brightly lit by fuchsia-tinted LED lights, dance across the Sölvesborg Bay. From a distance, the structure could be mistaken for the Loch Ness Monster’s mysterious glowing cousin, but these massive illuminated vaults actually support Europe’s longest pedestrian bridge.

Spanning 2,480 feet—that’s nearly half a mile!—the Sölvesborg Bridge was designed by Swedish design firm Ljusarkitektur in collaboration with lighting company Lumenpulse to connect the small town of Sölvesborg with a new housing district across the bay.

On each side of the support structures, Lumenpulse installed lighting modules to call attention to the three large arches, which each required more than 150 tons of steel to make. The LED lights slowly change color depending on the season, transforming the bridge into a new landmark for the Sölvesborg.

Since the bay is noted for its bird habitats, the team took care to make sure the design would not impact the local wildlife. To prevent excessive glare from the LEDs, custom light shields, which also conceal the lighting source, were integrated deep into the structure. The design team has also lit up the various trees and reeds located along the span of the bridge, further melding the structure and its surroundings together.

Rather than opting for a design that imposes itself on the environment, Ljusarkitektur and Lumenpulse have managed to create one that maintains an elegant harmony with the natural world.

Via MyModernMet. All images © ljusarkitektur.