Be the 10,000th Firm on Architizer, Win Cool Office Prizes

Architizer Editors Architizer Editors

We didn’t prepare a speech or anything, but… Ok, yes we did. Here goes.

We’re quickly closing in on a goal of ours here at Architizer: 10,000 registered firms.

To show our appreciation, we’re giving away a package of office-enhancing prizes to one firm that registers over the course of the next three days. It includes an iTunes gift card, a gaggle of new architecture and design books, and five desk makeovers from cheeky office suppliers Poppin. Deciding not to register could actually be interpreted as an act of aggression against your co-workers. Don’t be like that.

Here’s how this will work (since our home page features the number of firms prominently, we want to add a little mystery to the contest). Register your office by Wednesday, April 4. Share a link to your profile with us (tweet @Architizer or email us!). We’ll notify the winner by thursday.

Register here!

Each Desk Makeover Includes:

• 1 Tape Dispenser

• 1 Desk Set

• 1 Set of Inboxes

• 1 Ruler

• 1 Pair of Scissors

• 1 Box of Signature Pens

• 1 Box of Thin Highlighters

• 1 Box of Jumbo Highlighters

• 1 Box of Mechanical Pencils

• 1 Metal Pen

• To Do List Pads

• Large Soft Cover

• Correction Fluid

• Staple Remover