Architecture On the Market: 8 Serene Coastal Residences

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The seaside residence has long been romanticized as the idyllic dwelling place to seek comfort, nature and solitude. Le Corbusier famously built his wife a cabin on the French Riviera, where he summered for 18 years, designed his famous Ronchamp chapel and ultimately lived out his last days. “I have a castle on the Riviera of 3.66 meters by 3.66 meters,” said Le Corbusier of his humble abode. Some of the houses featured in this collection from our partners Brick & Wonder embody a similar modesty to Le Corbusier’s cabin, where the home serves mainly as a container for the enjoyment of the sea’s supreme beauty. Others aim to make their own contributions to the landscape with bold design elements such as cliffside cantilevers, balconies and dramatic shading elements.

Whatever your personal preference, wander through these dreamy coastal homes from all over the world, currently on the market:

Burnham Market by Lynch Architects, Norfolk, U.K.

This striking timber home along the U.K.’s North Norfolk coast was originally designed in the 1950s, to later be remodeled by U.K. firm Lynch Architects in 2003. The practice also added the contemporary mirrored studio which reflects the surrounding landscape.

Kieran Long, Senior Curator of Contemporary Architecture at the Victoria and Albert Museum has described the spatial affect of the home: “The main room, with its soaring, 7.5-meter-tall chimney, is disorienting in its scale, but the room inside is given narrative by the simple composition of window, chimney and hearth. The large window in the west-facing wall allows the evening light to enter the building. At certain times of the year, this light falls across the fireplace as the sun begins to set, uniting time, home and ritual in a play of natural light. The high roof, with its oculus at the top, provides a view of the stars at night and acts as a sundial in the day.”

This British midcentury remodel is currently on the market for $888,000.

Modern British Beach House by Guy Hollaway Architects, Margate, Kent, U.K.

These sea-front cabins are built on the promenade in the town center of Margate in Kent. The design is drawn from the traditional English beach hut aesthetic modernized to juxtapose the historic local architecture. Each of Guy Hollaway Architects’ sea-front homes are currently for sale for $709,300.

Casa Moderna by Jorge Garcia, Baja California, Mexico

Located a few miles north of the ‘Pueblo Magico’ of Todos Santos in the Las Tunas area this home was designed by renowned Architect Jorge Gracia and intertwines a 50/60s modern aesthetic with Mexican Rustic. The circulation is composed of three simple and minimalistic bedrooms around a large central living with a wide terrace to maximize engagement with the natural surroundings. More information on this stunning modern Mexican abode can be found on Brick & Wonder.

Where the East Meets the Coast by E.A.T. Architects, Victoria, Australia

Designed by E.A.T. Architects, this home is a collection of inspiration from travels in Thailand and Cambodia, a clever selection of sustainable materials and quality craftsmanship. More information about this Australian listing is provided on Brick & Wonder.

Crest House by Pierre Koenig, Rancho Palos Verde, Calif., USA

This home is a study in simplicity of form and use of quality materials to inspire a sense of wonder. The result is a new expression of the modernist aesthetic which, with its further elimination of indoor-outdoor distinctions, pronounces the celebrated California. The renowned midcentury architect’s California home is currently at an asking price of $3,595,000.

West Head House by Peter Stutchbury, New South Wales, Australia

This beautiful treetop home is designed by Australian architect Peter Stutchbury. Overlooking the South Pacific Ocean in New South Wales, the home opens up to the exterior merging warm timber with the surrounding greenery. Stutchbury said of his residence: “When living in this house one has a wonderful sense of the lightness of being … There is great joy in freedom and a deliberate pilgrimage toward the romantic.” Stutchbury’s coastal home was recently sold.

Beachfront Swedish Villa, Nacka, Sweden

This 1967 beachfront villa is located in the Solsidan neighborhood of Nacka, Sweden. The home is a brick-clad structure with floor-to-ceiling windows that lead out to sweeping views of Erstakviken, a bay in the Stockholm archipelago. The home is outfitted with eco-friendly features like geothermal heating and solar collectors and sits on a 0.42-acre site lined with landscaped terraces. This midcentury marvel is at an asking price of $2,760,000.

The Wedge House by Peter Stutchbury, Whale Beach, Australia

Also designed by award-winning architect, Peter Stutchbury, the Wedge House is designed to respond intuitively to a spectacular site overlooking Whale Beach on the northern beaches of Sydney. Stutchbury describes: “The lighter open-plan northern wedge is designed to fly beyond its anchored partner diagonally outward across the site toward sky.” More information about the Whale Beach home can be found at Brick & Wonder.

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