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The Design Directory: Introducing Firm Search for Architects

Find architects, photographers, engineers and contractors with our new tool — and see who’s been featured!

Architizer Editors Architizer Editors

Architizer is home to the world’s largest online database of architectural projects, with more than 120,000 buildings on the platform. These projects have been uploaded by some 30,000 architecture firms, from sole practitioners to international firms with thousands of employees. The diverse range of professionals that make up this global community is extraordinary. Each creative team deserves to be discovered by as many people as possible!

To help make this happen, we’re excited to be building the definitive Firm Search tool for the AEC industry, allowing you to find any company with a presence on Architizer, including:

This visual search tool enables you to see, at a glance, which projects each of these firms has been involved in, as well as providing a link to each firm profile and contact information. You can also jump to Image Search for Architects to see which images are associated with that company — inspiration abound!

firm search for architects

By default, the directory shows the most recently featured firms, providing a curated list of high quality firms for you to browse through. However, there are a number of ways to focus your search — you can filter firms according to Project Type, Project Location and Firm Location.

When these filters are combined, the Firm Directory forms a powerful research tool for architects looking for design precedents and potential collaborators. Looking for a photographer to show off your project in its best light? Head to the Directory of Photography Studios. Looking for a contractor to talk through a multi million dollar development? Jump to the Directory of General Contractors. Want to find an engineer that could help realize that dramatic cantilever you’ve envisaged? Search through the Directory of Structural Engineers.

Whoever you are looking for to work with on your next project, Architizer’s Firm Directory can provide options — so start exploring today.

Firm Search is in beta mode, and we’re working to improve it all the time. If you have any feedback or suggestions about this or any other part of Image Search for Architects, we’d love to hear from you! Email and let us know your thoughts.

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