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Architizer presents “The World’s Best Building Products 2021”, a free-to-download e-publication!

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At its core, architecture is a product of collaboration. A great building simply can’t be brought to life successfully without smartly designed, well-crafted materials and details. It is no wonder, then, that architects are increasingly aware that their best hope for a successful project stems from collaboration with the makers of high quality building products, those that have an intimate knowledge of materials and the fabrication processes behind them. Simply put, well thought-out designs, robust detailing and timeless materials are as crucial as ever to the creation of great architecture and interiors.

Architizer recognizes this too. That’s why, we are delighted to present every A+Award-winning product in a visually stunning and informative eBook that should form an essential part of every design professional’s repertoire. We present to you “The World’s Best Building Products 2021”, a free-to-download e-publication!

View the 2021 A+Product Awards eBook

In this publication, you will find brands and products you can trust to help in the construction of better buildings in the years to come. Each one comes with the A+ seal of approval from a renowned jury comprising more than 150 specifying architects and over 40 award categories spanning essential materials and new-to-market innovations. The program forms the definitive list of the world’s best building products, materials and components.

Throughout its 104 colorful pages, the industry’s most cutting-edge creations are highlighted, designed by innovative manufacturers around the globe to bring modern architecture to life. Each winner is represented through a series of stunning photographs and an accompanying product overview.

For specifying architects, this digital publication forms an evergreen resource for researching forward-thinking building-products and pioneering manufacturers for use in projects. A link to the website of each A+Award-winning brand is provided for further information on product options, technical information and BIM downloads.

Consentino: Sunlit Days

What makes these products stand out from the rest?

The judging criteria for products entailed a rigorous review of the technical and aesthetic elements of each entry, and were split into three broad categories: Aesthetics, Performance and Integration.

Firstly, Aesthetics encompasses the visible shape and materiality of the product. The jury considered the product’s form, detailing and quality, evaluating its relationship to the architecture it inhabits and the users who experience it.

Secondly, Performance refers to achieving the often complex goals for which a product is intended. The jury were particularly focused on uncovering innovations that utilize new materials, improve existing building practices, or address new needs.

Finally, Integration refers to a product’s potential to become ubiquitous – a design ‘staple’ – in a given category. The jury looked for products with the ability to be successfully implemented, durable, user friendly, brand relevant and applicable to a wide variety of challenges that architects face today.

Landscape Forms: Typology Collection

How should architects use this eBook?

To get the most out of this eBook, make sure to keep it top-of-mind and use it as a reference point from the very beginning, during the conceptual stages of each project. The earlier you collaborate with manufacturers, the more efficiently they can work with you to help bring your designs to life on the construction site.

The products showcased on these pages all won A+Awards this year, but they are just a starting point for further exploration. Each manufacturer is constantly working to address the evolving needs of architects and their clients. Be sure to reach out to them to learn more about their current product range, and ask what they have in development. Together, creative designers and product manufacturers will shape the future of architecture.

RainbowX: Customized Architectural Glass

In the midst of unprecedented challenges relating to the environment and our collective health, the world’s best building product designers and manufacturers have proven themselves to be truly dynamic innovators, developing advanced solutions in a matter of months to cater to the quickly changing needs of people in 2021. From 3D printed waste wood to recycled ceramic dust, materials are being reimagined for a more sustainable future.

This A+Product Awards eBook is dedicated to the next great wave of building-product manufacturers, those that will take architecture into 2022 with cutting-edge creative ideas. Each winner is represented on the following pages through a series of stunning photographs and an accompanying product overview. Take ample inspiration from the A+Product Awards Class of 2021 — this is what great product design looks like today.

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