How to Craft the Perfect Response to Architects on Architizer

Building-product manufacturers: Here’s what to keep in mind as you respond to each architect’s search on Architizer.

Paul Keskeys Paul Keskeys

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It’s a dream for building-product manufacturers — qualified leads from actively specifying architecture firms directly to your inbox, eliminating the need for time-consuming cold calls and forming a catch-all platform that makes organizing and prioritizing your business opportunities a breeze.

That’s what Architizer’s new marketplace for building-products offers — but to make the most of the platform, it is vital that manufacturers harness it in the most productive way possible. Responding to an Opportunity is very straightforward, but the following tips can dramatically boost your chances of being short-listed for an architect’s project. Here’s what to keep in mind as you respond to each architect’s search on Architizer:

An anatomy of the “Send a Product” form on Architizer for building-product manufacturers.

1. Estimated Price Range and Lead Time

Once you have input the name of the product and accompanying URL in the “Send a Product” form, the next task is to insert an Estimated Price Range and Lead Time for your product. While these are not official quotes and exact numbers are not required, it is hugely beneficial to the architect to be able to assess these logistical aspects as they decide which building-products to short-list.

While it might be tempting to stretch what is feasible in terms of lead time and price to meet the requests of as many Opportunities as possible, it’s important to be as realistic as you can with your numbers here. Ultimately, you will save time by only entering into conversations with well-matched leads, and this will also help you build trust with architects in the long term, increasing the potential for repeat business down the line. Click here or here for more information.

2. Description

The Description field is your chance to connect with the architect and highlight all the reasons why your building-product is perfect for their needs. This could include aesthetic and material qualities that match the architects’ request, as well as key performance factors and unique aspects that set your building-product apart from your competitors. Click here for more information.

The key here is to provide information that helps them solve their design problem — read their request carefully and consider the architectural context as you compose your message. Then, instead of reading a sales pitch, the architect will view your response as a genuine design solution. This is the perfect way to win the architect’s trust and begin building a business relationship that could last for multiple projects over many years.

3. Image Attachments

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, and that couldn’t be more true when it comes to specifying architects. “Architects are visual people,” explains Architizer’s Account Manager Lucy Palmer, “and the attachments are front and center when your products arrive in their inbox.”

Image attachments — striking precedent photographs, informative diagrams and key details — are all powerful ways to show an architect how your building-product can form a part of his or her project. Attaching a number of high-resolution images will catch the architect’s attention as they browse through their feed, ensuring your response stands out from your competitors. Click here for more information.

The following video gives a complete overview of the “Send a Product” form and how to complete it:

Once you’ve completed every field, all that’s left to do is to provide additional details using the predefined tags, insert your phone number and hit “Send Product.”

Completing each field in the manner above will greatly increase the likelihood of making a suggestion connection with an architect, and you will soon be on your way to closing the deal with some of the most innovative firms in the world. It’s selling made simple!

For more tips and tricks on how to get the most out of Architizer, head over to our brand-new help center — once there, you can click on the Intercom icon in the bottom-right corner to chat with a member of our customer experience team.

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Paul Keskeys Author: Paul Keskeys
Paul Keskeys is Editor in Chief at Architizer. An architect-trained editor, writer and content creator, Paul graduated from UCL and the University of Edinburgh, gaining an MArch in Architectural Design with distinction. Paul has spoken about the art of architecture and storytelling at many national industry events, including AIANY, NeoCon, KBIS, the Future NOW Symposium, the Young Architect Conference and NYCxDesign. As well as hundreds of editorial publications on Architizer, Paul has also had features published in Architectural Digest, PIN—UP Magazine, Archinect, Aesthetica Magazine and PUBLIC Journal.
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