How architects find building-products.

A $43 Million Opportunity in Construction — Daily

Architizer’s marketplace is now a continuous stream of leads for building-product manufacturers.

Paul Keskeys Paul Keskeys

We’ve crunched the numbers, done the math, and added up all the other data-related clichés you can think of … you’re welcome!

Architizer’s free-to-download Annual Report offers up some fascinating building-product trends and insights into the wider construction industry, giving building-product manufacturers valuable information to help them craft their strategy for the year ahead. If you want to know which architecture firms are most active on Architizer, which building typologies are the most lucrative for manufacturers to get involved with, or even which verticals you could expand into, the Report is well worth reading.

The most important question of all, though, is this: How much construction value is flowing through this new marketplace for building-products?

Studio Gang’s addition to the American Museum of Natural History in New York City has the highest construction budget for a single project uploaded to Architizer in 2017.

The answer to that has evolved substantially over the past 12 months. The number of buildings uploaded to Architizer by architects each month increased by an amazing 778% from January to December 2017. An average of 18 buildings are now uploaded every week on the platform, with an average construction budget of $17.1 million per project. This equates to more than $43 million of construction value flowing through Architizer every single day.

Let’s break that number down a little more and see what it means for building-product manufacturers.

Approximately 17% of every building is made up of building-products that architects select. This means that more than $7.3 million worth of products are being specified through the platform every 24 hours. This number is rising rapidly as more architects join the marketplace every week — including those from some of the largest firms in the world.

The platform is now a continuous stream of leads for manufacturers, complete with project-specific information that allows brands to enter the conversation with architects when it really matters. It’s an exciting time for brands on the platform, with architects really starting to harness the marketplace as a workflow tool alongside CAD and other project management software.

Image via AECOM

The platform is also gaining traction within firms. Architects from three different AECOM offices — New York, Tampa and Roanoke — are now searching for building-products on the platform. Meanwhile, the number of products architects are looking for within each building is also rising. The last 12 months has seen a six-fold increase in the number of searches made for building-products on every project.

All of these facts make for compelling reading for building-product manufacturers looking to get their proverbial foot in the door with renowned architecture firms. The foundations have been laid for 2018 to be a break-through year for brands that have gotten in early and established themselves within the marketplace, and are now refining their approach to marketing, communications and sales on the platform.

For more key figures and standout statistics from the construction industry over the past year, download Architizer’s Annual Report for free.